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Architectural Stainless and Metals

The Pacific Stainless family of companies form a world-class, ISO 9001:2015 certified specialty manufacturing resource meeting the complex and artistic needs of the architectural industry for over 20 years.

Architectural Stainless

Architectural stainless steel elements are often unique applications that must combine form and function in a durable, typically weather resistant installation.

Regardless of your vision or design criteria, our manufacturing expertise and superb craftsmanship can help you create the desired effect when metal is the medium.

Custom Metal and Stainless Steel

Pacific Stainless Products custom fabricates elegant architectural stainless steel elements including stainless steel handrails, curtain walls and panels to enhance the look and feel of interior and exterior spaces. 

Stainless Steel Railing
stainless steel railing

Exterior Architectural Stainless Steel

We manufacture a wide variety of metal outdoor architectural elements including stainless steel benches, handrails, tables, and bike racks.

Architectural Metal Interior

From laser-cut metals , handcrafted architectural “Artwork,” unique displays, window casings and countertops, to elevator panels and corner guards for high traffic areas. We can exceed your stainless steel and metal interior needs.

metal wall panels
Stainless food service buffet line

Grocery & Retail


We can also customize any of our protective stainless steel and metal products to suit your project’s requirements.


Our ability to reproduce multiple stainless steel and metal items with high accuracy and quality standards minimizes the costs of rework and time delay that often accompany custom construction jobs.

Metal column panels

Pacific Stainless Products custom fabricates high-quality architectural elements to add a sense of refinement to any interior or exterior project. Our representatives will work closely with you, your team, and the outstanding craftsmen at Pacific Stainless to create the effect you have been looking for.

Most architectural elements will be crafted of T304 Stainless Steel. It is known for its resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and its long-lasting durability. The steel will be cut and shaped at a strict adherence to your design. You will then be able to choose from a variety of finishes, including decorative, mirrored, abraded or lacquered.
Pacific Stainless has done projects all over the nation and you can find our work in hotels, libraries, museums, office buildings, parks, retail or commercial spaces, and many schools and universities. We have experience with commercial remodels, tenant improvements, and new construction.

Our expertise shows through in our install teams, which we can dispatch anywhere in the country to assemble and install your architectural elements, saving you time and expense. With a factory installation, you can rest assured knowing your new feature will be properly presented and safely installed.

For more information about ways that Pacific Stainless Products can help you create the look and feel you desire in a safe and attractive stainless feature, call today!

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Integrating metals into your landscape project will bridge the functional with the visually appealing. With their resistance to corrosion and vandalism, many metals make for a very durable medium that can still be shaped into an eye-catching design. Our skilled and knowledgeable Pacific Stainless craftsmen can bring out even the most subtle design hints in your finished installation.

Pacific Stainless Products manufactures a wide variety of outdoor elements including benches, handrails, tables, and bike racks. In addition to our standard outdoor products, we also produce a variety of specialized outdoor enclosures. These are designed to offer weather, impact, and vandalism resistance to critical infrastructure components such as cross walk sensors and street sign controls.

All of our products can also be powder-coated for additional corrosion resistance and to add additional customization with over 200 stock colors available. PSP Powder Coating can work with you to make your landscape a stunning success!

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Interior spaces must be functional and aesthetically pleasing and Pacific Stainless Products has years of experience crafting interior stainless-steel elements. Not only do we manufacture items like window casings, counter tops, elevator panels, and corner guards. But we also make laser-cut, handcrafted artwork and unique displays. No matter what your vision, we can exceed your interior space needs.

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Grocery and retail spaces are typically high traffic environments where it makes sense to protect corners, door jambs, and columns from incidental damages caused by shopping carts or stocking activities.

Our full line of protective stainless products can help minimize these unsightly damages for you or your client’s project. We can also customize any of our protective stainless products to suit your project’s requirements.

  • Corner Guards 
  • Column Wraps 
  • Door Strike & Kick Plates 
  • Wall Panels 
  • Signs

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As a General Contractor partnered with Pacific Stainless, you have access to a range of competitive cost advantages and efficiencies. Our optimized and efficient manufacturing processes give us the ability to reproduce items with high accuracy and quality standards. This minimizes the cost of rework and time delays. At the same time, we can customize standardized products to meet your unique design and site conditions for quick change implementation, and with our scalable manufacturing facility, we can keep short lead times to meet even the most aggressive or accelerated construction schedules.

As a partner, you will also have access to Pacific Stainless installation crews. These are stainless craftsmen who have thousands of hours of field experience developing task efficiencies to keep installation ultra-competitive. In addition to their installation duties, our crews will problem solve, modify and repair your project on site, assisting in quick-change implementation and minimizing delays and rework costs.

Partner today on your project with Pacific Stainless and enjoy the cost savings of lower cost of goods, lower installation costs, lower labor costs, and our unparalleled service and response times.
For more information about how we can help you reduce your General Contractor supplied stainless steel or installation costs, contact us today.


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Specialty Metal Finishes

Pacific Stainless Products works with Mirror Metals and Rimex to offer a variety of specialty metal finishes for exterior and interior use, including:


  • Bright Mirror

  • Colored Stainless Steel

  • Rippled

  • Satin

  • Diamond Pattern

  • Honeycomb

  • Leathergrain

  • Polished

Mirror Metals

Mirrored stainless spiral ramp
Dimpled mirror finish escalator panel
Mirror finish steel spiral dome
Mirror finish metal spheres

Rimex Metals

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