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Quality Control

Pacific Stainless Products Philosophy


At Pacific Stainless Products, each employee is well versed in our competition and efficiency through quality philosophy.


Our products are often regulated by stringent health and municipal codes.Many of our products include machined or powder coated components which are also tightly regulated.


Our engineers and craftsmen lead the industry on a daily basis as they work to meet the highest quality standards.


We believe that quality should never be sacrificed to lower costs or shorten delivery times and have structured our organization so that we can continue leading the metal materials manufacturing industry day in and day out.

At Pacific Stainless Products our inherent quality focus improves our delivery times and helps us maintain our competitive pricing. We have years of experience in metallurgy, engineering, design and CNC programming which allows us to provide you with the very best manufacturing services regardless of your challenge.

Pacific Stainless

Product Quality Key Statements

A total quality management approach (TQM) where every employee, supplier and customer is regarded as an essential part of the product manufacturing process.

An error-minimizing performance standard based on planning, prevention and a ‘right the first time’ attitude at all organizational levels.

The application of statistical quality monitoring techniques in the pursuit of continual quality improvement.

The ongoing development and training of all personnel throughout Pacific Stainless Products to improve production quality and eliminate negative quality events in the manufacturing process

Quality Obsessed


We are committed to achieving the highest levels of quality each and every day. We believe that quality should never be sacrificed for time or budget.


Our quality control department continually trains in the latest quality methods to ensure that our products meet your satisfaction.


We pass routine quality management system audits performed by an independent and accredited agency as part of our continuous improvement efforts.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Pacific Stainless Products maintains an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Process certification demonstrating our commitment to product quality.

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