Industries Served

  • Architectural Modern, aesthetically pleasing architectural elements combining form and function.
  • From handrails to wall panels, we take great pride in the quality of our finished elements and will work closely with you to create the desired effects.
  • AerospacePacific Stainless Products engineers and designers can build high tolerance aerospace components to your exact specifications without costly budget overruns.
  • From custom fastener and coupling components to complete custom stainless steel bathroom sets, we are well versed in the tight parameters and stringent tolerances the aerospace industry requires.
  • MedicalOver a decade of experience supplying high quality, proprietary components, our experience is your asset.
  • EnergyAccording to the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) chairman, Jurgen Fechter, "Stainless steel plays a key role in solar technology, and has the potential to grow further".
  • Pacific Stainless Products specializes in the manufacture of custom stainless steel components for use in traditional and renewable energy applications.
  • FoodserviceWith over 20 years of food service manufacturing, you can find our custom stainless steel in some of the most prestigious installations in America.
  • NSF Certified and available through a distributor near you. Find us on KCL and Autoquotes too.
  • MilitaryPacific Stainless Products is an ISO 9001:2008 certified machined parts and electro-mechanical integration supplier.
  • Please call Darrell Schuh, VP of Sales for information.
  • SemiconductorPacific Stainless Products is an experienced semiconductor manufacturing partner.
  • From metallic component fabrication to electro-mechanical and pneumatic prototype assembly in our scaleable Class 1000 clean room, you can depend on us to meet your critical project needs.

Cutting-edge custom manufacturing services.

The Pacific Stainless Family of Companies form a world-class, ISO 9001:2008 certified specialty manufacturing resource. Serving the architectural, aerospace, biomedical, energy, food service, military and semiconductor industries for over 20 years, we stand ready to meet your challenges.

Our family of companies can provide you with end to end manufacturing including sheet metal fabrication, machining, mechanical and welded assemblies, electro-mechanical and pneumatic assembly, complete systems integration as well as Class 1000 clean room automation and powder coat finishing.

Stainless Steel......

"Our innovate or perish philosophy keeps us on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology" Jeff Kemp - President

Our purpose built facility leverages LEAN and JIT manufacturing practices including advanced tooling such as "lights-out" automated laser cutting and CNC press bending to drive economy without sacrificing quality. Our two-week average delivery times and competitive pricing saves you time and money. We aim to become your manufactured metal supplier of choice!

Pacific Stainless Products also provides emergency manufacturing services and maintains a dedicated quick turn around facility and supporting craftsmen to support your mission critical operations.

When you need customized stainless steel food service, architectural or high-tech equipment, Pacific Stainless Products can meet your project needs and help you WOW your clients and end-users.

Call us today at 888-618-2122 to learn more about how we can help you.


Our machining operation (PSPM) leverages cellular work cell concepts and robotic work piece transport along with the most updated software packages such as MasterCam to deliver unmatched close tolerance components. In true LEAN and JIT fashion, PSPM has developed robust and flexible supply chain relationships to keep raw materials readily available minimizing your delivery times.

Individual prototypes or large production runs, we get the work done. All finished parts are CMM tested and a final quality report can be delivered for each piece. From Aerospace and biomedical device components to semiconductor and robotic assemblies, PSPM can meet your machining needs.

Call 888-618-2122 today for more information.


Pacific Integration (PSPI) specializes in solving complex engineered-to-order machine automation and electro-mechanical challenges for the semiconductor and supporting industries. Advanced stainless steel fabrication, machining, assembly and finishing resources including our scaleable Class 1000 clean room enable us to meet the most demanding automation quality standards.

Due to the proprietary nature of these projects, Pacific Stainless Products has implemented a comprehensive confidentiality policy designed to protect sensitive project details. For more information on how we can meet your automation or electromechanical assembly needs, please call us today. Nationwide 888-618-2122

......Powder Coating

PSP Powder Coating is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most accomplished paint shops. Powder coating is also environmentally friendly and cost effective. Powder coating provides superior corrosion and impact protection over wet paint options.

PSP Powder Coating uses precision Nordson Encore spray equipment to produce ultra-fine semiconductor worthy finishes.

Powder coating doesn't require the extensive pre-prep work wet painting does so our turn-around times are very short. The powder coating process is only suitable for metal components that can tolerate the low-voltage current that holds the powdered paint in place prior to oven curing at 375-400 degrees.

Our large purpose built facility allows us to handle jobs of all sizes, many within a 24 hour turnaround period. With over 200 standard colors and a library of exotics including metallic flake and fluorescent safety colors, we have the right color for your project needs.

Please call 503-366-8298 for more information about how powder coating can meet your finishing needs. Visit us on the web at



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